Night Contouring Bi-Gel

Night Contouring

The first nighttime-specific "diet in cosmetics". Effortless record-breaking contouring: waist circumference: -3.1 cm*, 1 application in the evening for only 2 weeks.

*Average value obtained in 8 out of 22 women. Overall result: -1.9 cm.
Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for people sensitive to iodine.

Clinical results


Waist circumference: -3.1cm
Stomach circumference: -2.8cm
Hip circumference: -1.8cm

*Centimetric measures on waist, stomach and hips on 22 women after 14 days of daily use.
Average values on 8 of 22 women. Global results: -1.9cm, -1.3cm, -0.8cm.

Scientific innovations


PHYTOMER has incorporated Sea Absinthium, or Artemisia Maritima, into GLYCOLIGHT, a coastal plant that grows naturally along the salt marshes, estuaries and salt meadows that border the Atlantic and the English Channel.
This marine ingredient, with formidable contouring effectiveness, battles sugars to put the adipocytes on a contouring diet*. At night, Sea Absinthium limits sugar intake to slow down fat storage*. Upon awakening, it stimulates and optimizes the elimination of fat*. Night after night, the figure is refined, fat appearance is visibly reduced.

*In vitro test on the ingredient.

Active ingredients

Sea Absinthium: Puts the adipocytes on a contouring diet*: limits fat storage at night and promotes their elimination upon awakening for a refined figure night after night.
Vectorized caffeine: Promotes an optimal diffusion of caffeine within the skin to activate lipolysis.
Halopteris scoparia: Stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers to give a firming effect.
Palmaria Palmata: Boosts the skin's microcirculation for a draining effect**.

*In vitro test. **Clinical test.