PHYTOMER invites you behind the scenes at its laboratories on the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay as we unveil the secrets of how our products are made.

Here is the story behind ÉMERGENCE Even Skin Tone Refining Serum, which was launched in 2017 and awarded top honors by PARENTS magazine and SANTÉ MAGAZINE for its innovative and efficient skincare benefits. From how we select our active ingredients, to product testing and package design, PHYTOMER takes you step by step through everything that went into creating this star product.

Overseeing every element of our production processes is what sets PHYTOMER apart. From A to Z, all of our products are manufactured in our laboratories on the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay which allows us to certify their quality.


Direct from our laboratories…

The 30 or so researchers in our laboratories endeavor to discover the active molecules of tomorrow then test them for efficiency in delivering skincare benefits. The team regularly presents their most recent findings, then everyone collaborates on ways to incorporate these into the cosmetic products we create. And that is exactly how EMERGENCE Even Skin Tone Refining Serum came into being.


Initial Lab Discovery

The story of how ÉMERGENCE was created begins with the development of an optimal, progressive delivery system for AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids) compounds that give skin a "new skin" youthful glow. The system was a multi-layered gel into which the research team embedded bands of AHA that could then be gradually dispersed over time. The tests the research team conducted showed excellent results on skin pores, imperfections, and sebum. Impressed by these results, PHYTOMER decides to use the AHAs in a gentle peeling exfoliating serum for all skin types.

Recipe Development

Developing the product as a serum called for it to be packaged in an airless pump bottle. The serum’s texture is formulated to be extremely light with an ultra-soft finish and a subtle fragrance so that it can be used as a daily skincare treatment. Just as if they were making a cake, PHYTOMER’s formulation department combines all of the ingredients to create the master recipe that will serve as a guideline for the final formula. 9 months have now passed since the product was first discussed in-house.  

Formula Validation

Once finalized, the ÉMERGENCE formula is tested by the various PHYTOMER teams. Because we test cosmetic products every day, we have truly become sensory experts and, over the years, we have gotten very good at analyzing cosmetic formulas: too runny between the fingers, too sticky, doesn’t go on smoothly…

For EMERGENCE, our goal has always been to create a gentle, gradual, exfoliating serum. It takes months for us to fine-tune the texture, permeability, skin tolerance, scent and results of the final product. Numerous tests are carried out to arrive at the ideal formulation. We check and test the skin tolerance, efficiency and sensory qualities of every new formula we create.  

The product is then subjected to extreme environmental conditions to ensure its stability : it is heated, chilled, exposed to sunlight…all in order to guarantee that its efficiency, scent, and texture remain unaltered. A panel of volunteers then test the product’s stability, skin tolerance, and efficiency.

Test Phase

ÉMERGENCE spends the next three months in tests in third-party laboratories to confirm the serum’s effects on blackheads, pores, skin texture, and redness. A group of volunteers with skin imperfections, aged 25 to 45, tests the serum’s efficiency by applying it twice a day before using their usual skin cream. ÉMERGENCE is also sent out for dermatologist testing.

Name and Packaging

During the test phase, we work on coming up with a name for the new product. Its visible effects on skin imperfections like redness, dark spots, and blackheads give us the impression that it truly allows a new skin to emerge. So, we decide to call it "ÉMERGENCE".   


We are fortunate to have our own research laboratories that work each day to discover new active ingredients. EMERGENCE is one of our latest discoveries and has been recognized for its efficiency in 2018 the Even Skin Tone Refining Serum won awards from PARENTS et SANTÉ MAGAZINE magazines, which highlighted the serum’s gentleness and efficiency.

> Discover ÉMERGENCE Even Skin Tone Refining Serum   Source: LES NOUVELLES ESTHÉTIQUES – APRIL 2018