Signature Products

Discover our signature products, recommended by top beauty professionals in spas and salons around the world to restore the freshness and radiance of the skin.

Natural cosmetics

Indulge your skin in all the benefits of the sea with sustainable, high quality products, made in France, in our Laboratory of the Mont Saint Michel bay.

" We believe that a woman’s beauty needs no embellishment-it just needs to be enhanced using the fascinating skincare potential of the sea.
Our commitment is to bestow you with a beauty that’s natural and alive, day after day, wherever you may live, from seaside to city street.
A beauty that is nourished by well-being from every cream, every treatment, and every contact with the expert hands of our beauty professionals. "


Marketing Director & granddaughter of the founder


With PHYTOMER you are choosing safe, highly effective cosmetics used by the most trusted skin care professionals in 10,000 salons and spas around the world.
PHYTOMER is about more than just exceptional products. It’s also about spa treatments that provide exceptional relaxation. Complete your beauty experience with a PHYTOMER treatment.

In Saint-Malo

The birthplace of the brand,
At PHYTOMER Spa & Wellness


In Paris

At PHYTOMER Spa Étoile or
at PHYTOMER Spa Trocadéro


In Spa

Contact the PHYTOMER distributor in your country to find out where to receive professional treatments and advice in a PHYTOMER spa.

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At PHYTOMER, we believe in the sea and in the power of its natural ingredients. We believe that safety and high performance go hand-in-hand. That quality is our duty and our calling.