How to Choose and Apply Your Night Cream?

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Your days are long and intense. After the day’s abuse, your facial skin needs some solace to rejuvenate. Often neglected in your beauty routine, day cream’s alter ego, night cream, offers the promise of a healthy skin. Every reason not to skip this step and wake up feeling beautiful.

What is a night cream?

Like its name suggests, night cream is a specific product to use before going to sleep. While your body is resting, your skin is more receptive to the permeation of active ingredients carried by the care products. With a richer formula and a thicker texture than day cream, night creams are specially designed to act deeply and bring everything the skin needs to help it repair overnight.

What is night cream used for?

Did you know that your skin’s cellular activity peaks in rejuvenation at night, right when the skin effectively regenerates? Actually, blood circulation increases during sleep, which helps release toxins that were accumulated over the day. This is the dream opportunity to give your skin a boost! Applying a night cream when the active ingredients are best able to penetrate ensures you’ll wake up with plumped and softer skin. Night cream can have many functions: Hydrating, repairing, firming, restructuring…You choose based on your skin and its momentary needs.

What’s the difference between night cream and day cream?

The skin has different needs during the day and at night. During the day, your skin is put to the test: polluted air, UV rays, the cold, etc. A day cream will hydrate but also protect your skin from all these external aggressions. While day cream acts as a protective barrier, night cream, on the other hand, gives your skin a gentle nudge to regenerate. The purpose of night care is to facilitate the skin’s cell renewal and restore its hydrolipidic film. That’s why night cream is richer in active ingredients than day cream and often has a thicker texture. These two creams are complementary to one another and guarantee year-round beautiful skin!

Did you know? it is recommended to use a night cream from 25 years of age on average, depending on your skin’s health and lifestyle. However, if you have dry skin, its better to start earlier, since dry skin tends to age quicker.

How do you choose the right night cream?

Since each skin is unique, it is recommended to choose a cream that’s adapted to your needs and skin type.

My night cream for oily skins

If your skin is oily, opt for a sebum-regulating product to calm the sebaceous glands overnight. Select light and fluid textures that don’t obstruct pores.

My night cream for dry skins

If your skin is dry, go for rich and creamy textures that give you an instant feeling of comfort. Choose a night cream that is rich in essential fatty acids that will deeply nourish and provide lipids to the skin.

My night cream for sensitive skins

Sensitive skin is tight, itchy, and often reactive. Treat your skin gently by selecting a night cream with cocoon-like texture, rich in calming active ingredients to soothe and hydrate your skin.

  • Our recommended product to youthfully recharge your skin:

The Night Recharge Youth Enhancing Cream has a cocooning texture that renews and revitalizes the skin through the combination of micro-algae and marine mannitol. Every time you wake up, you our skin is re-energized!

  • Our recommended product for giving your skin a night-time hydrating bath:

The Hydrasea Night Plumping Rich Cream pumps your skin full of water from its first use. Through the synergy of two sea ingredients, it provides optimal hydration to the skin overnight. When you wake up, your skin is plumped and revitalized!

How to use your night cream?

To optimize your night cream and maximize its benefits, apply your night cream on makeup-free skin, free of any impurities. We can never tell you enough that removing your makeup daily keeps your skin healthy.
● If your beauty routine includes applying a serum and eye contour, apply them before your night routine, starting with the serum.
● Take a small amount of your night cream and apply it to the whole of the face.
● Then, make circular movements with your finger tips to stimulate blood circulation and help the product penetrate your skin. Pay special attention to the oval of the face and the edges of your lips.
● Take the time to spread it on your neck, a fragile area that deserves just as much attention.