BEAUTY SAGA a gifted serum: Oligoforce by Phytomer

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If Oligoforce Moisturizing Serum Phytomer can claim today to be part of the circle very closed of the most iconic care of his generation, in 1999, its official release acted as real revolution in the market of cosmetics.

The keys to success? A microemulsion unique texture hitherto reserved for the pharmaceutical industry finally provision of care professionals. A beauty star was born!

2018: Worship care in rank
Oligoforce is the result of the complex alliance of the most powerful marine resources. But its strength emanates from a well-kept secret, condensed in the heart of the formula. Active and historic iconic Phytomer and true theme of the brand, Oligomer® makes all the difference. Instilled with finesse in this micro-emulsion, concentrated active seawater restarts each skin cells and boost their functioning. The skin regains a second breath she breathes again.

Faced with the emergence of new skin disorders: inflammation, oxidation, formation of wrinkles, loss of radiance … the Oligomer® and cell remedial action are not enough to revive the skins of breath. Therefore Phytomer announces a new revolution: the generation Oligoforce Advanced, the formula of the serum iconic brand upgraded a notch with even more benefits to serve the skin.

His power?

Targeting better breathing of the skin while fighting against the new skin ailments 21st century: free radicals causing wrinkles and inflammation that causes the appearance of spots.

His secret weapon?

The Eternal Navy, an ancient blue micro-algae and outstanding properties, cultivated within the Phytomer laboratories …

What enter the era of stronger skin Oligoforce Adanced Moisturizing Serum Wrinkle Correction Stains!


Source: Sense of Wellness