Beauty for men

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It needs to be said: beauty routines aren't just for women. Men's skin isn't spared from the aging process, and it also suffers from the harmful effects of pollution. Because men's skin needs pampering, learn the best steps for a care routine tailored to men. And no, you won't need to spend hours in the bathroom for it!

Why care products specifically for men?

Men’s skin is richer in collagen and has more cell layers composing the epidermis; it’s more supple and dynamic than women’s. Its thickness gives it greater resistance, but it is nonetheless weakened by multiple internal factors (stress, fatigue) and external ones, such as aggressions from shaving, pollution, the sun and the cold.

Further, testosterone levels (10 times higher in men than women) affects the stimulation of sebaceous glands. As a result, men’s skin is oilier, and the sebaceous glands are bigger and more numerous. This makes acne more likely to appear. While some products are equally effective for women and men, PHYTOMER has developed a cosmetics line specifically suited for the characteristics of men’s skin.

Steps in a care routine tailored to men

Men often have oily skin, a skin type explained by hormones. Dry skin is rarer among men, but they may have sensitive skin, explained in particular by shaving, which irritates and dehydrates the epidermis. To take care of their skin, men should count on a specially tailored care program.

Cleansing men’s skin

To cleanse pores and get rid of impurities accumulated throughout the day, the first reflex is to clean skin morning and night. Thinking they’re on the right track, some men use soap or shower gel to do this. This is a bad idea: the formula in these products is not suited to the particularities of facial skin, and may instead irritate and dry out the dermis.

  • Our recommended product for reviving skin

The GLOBAL PUR Freshness Cleansing Gel cleans, oxygenates and detoxifies skin. A fresh formula with an invigorating scent, ideal for chasing away fatigue!

Protect your skin from stresses

After cleansing skin, you need to nourish it. By using a rich hydrating cream, skin will be moisturized and will shield itself to filter out external stresses.

  • Our recommended products for hydrating
  • CITYLIFE Sorbet Cream intensely hydrates and oxygenates skin. Its formula helps protect and repair the epidermis from damage caused by urban pollution. Day after day, signs of fatigue and complexion dullness dissipate. An anti-pollution cosmetic product as effective for women as for men!
  • AGE OPTIMAL Face and Eyes Wrinkle Smoothing Cream instantaneously hydrates skin, and visibly smoothes wrinkles as it’s applied over time. A true ally in rejuvenating skin!

Soothing, the vital aftershave step

Every morning, most men pick up their shaving brush, razor or clippers to shave, trim or crop their beard: these actions weaken skin. As a result, we recommend you not overlook aftershave care; it’s vital for soothing the epidermis.

  • Our recommended 2-in-1 product

RASAGE PERFECT Shaving Mask can be used two ways: as a shaving foam to ensure a smooth pass (and avoid skin lesions) or as a mask for moisturizing. To apply 1-2 times per week, for approximately 10 minutes.

Guys, learn about treatments at spas

Entrust your face to the hands of our experts to recover brighter skin; treat yourself to the Skin Escape for Men treatment.Take a moment to relax and choose one of four treatments: Renewing, Moisturizing, Softening or Imperfections – treatments specially designed for men.