BIOMIMICRY: the sea is an endless source of inspiration

One of the distinctive characteristics of algae is their ability to undergo stress similar to that experienced by the skin, in often much higher levels: regular dehydration (tides), UV rays, thermal stress (air / water), oxidation, bacterial attacks (moist environment), changing of the seasons and collisions against rocks (healing). To ...



BIOAFFINITY: the sea is extremely compatible with the skin

Seawater is full of physiological functions: There are many indisputable benefits of seawater, especially because of its incredible richness in trace elements and minerals. It contains all 92 minerals and trace elements identified in the periodic table*. Seawater extracts such as calcium is known to stimulate cellular metabolism while potassium promotes ...



The benefits of marine skincare – Biodiversity

BIODIVERSITY: the sea is infinitely rich. A gold mine of natural resources   The sea is full of countless riches with thousands of virtues for the skin. The application of marine cosmetics affects all areas of beauty: Hydration, anti-aging, pigmentation spots, cellulite, nutrition, etc. A marine active ingredient is any ingredient derived from ...



Find out how we develop our new products

PHYTOMER invites you behind the scenes at its laboratories on the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay as we unveil the secrets of how our products are made. Here is the story behind ÉMERGENCE Even Skin Tone Refining Serum, which was launched in 2017 and awarded top honors by PARENTS magazine and SANTÉ MAGAZINE for ...



BEAUTY SAGA a gifted serum: Oligoforce by Phytomer

If Oligoforce Moisturizing Serum Phytomer can claim today to be part of the circle very closed of the most iconic care of his generation, in 1999, its official release acted as real revolution in the market of cosmetics. The keys to success? A microemulsion unique texture hitherto reserved for the pharmaceutical ...



The « Made In Brittany »

We collaborate with the sea A Breton company based in Saint-Malo, France since 1972, PHYTOMER brings the benefits of the sea for the skin to men and women around the world. We chose Brittany for its exceptionally rich environment. With 2,700 km of coastline, it offers the greatest marine biodiversity in ...



Les meilleurs soins pour le corps en Institut de Beauté

Lorsque l’on mène une vie active très intense, il est parfois difficile de s’octroyer du temps pour soi. Tout comme le visage, le corps a besoin d’une attention particulière, et ce quotidiennement. Découvrez grâce à notre expertise spa, nos meilleurs soins pour le corps à réaliser en institut. Les bienfaits d’un ...



The incredible journey of Weaving Algae

Weaving algae is a laminaria brown algae, found especially around Brittany. PHYTOMER's lab has developed ropes cultivation for it, to control the use and quality of the resource, and to ensure its natural survival. PHYTOMER scientists have discovered the exceptional power of Weaving Algae to hold water within the skin and ...



Beauty for men

It needs to be said: beauty routines aren't just for women. Men's skin isn't spared from the aging process, and it also suffers from the harmful effects of pollution. Because men's skin needs pampering, learn the best steps for a care routine tailored to men. And no, you won't need ...



Les bienfaits de la mer pour la peau – La Biodiversité

BIODIVERSITÉ : la mer est d’une richesse infinie. Un trésor de ressources naturelles La mer regorge d’innombrables richesses aux 1000 vertus pour la peau. Les applications de la cosmétique marine touchent tous les domaines de la beauté : l’hydratation, l’anti-âge, les taches, la cellulite, la nutrition… Nous appelons actif marin tout ingrédient ...