Age Optimal

Age Optimal

Face and Eyes Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

Men’s Youth Concentrate

This youth perfecting moisturizer for face and eyes instantly hydrates the skin and visibly smooths wrinkles day after day.
In 1 month*, signs of fatigue fade, the skin regains tone and vitality and appears younger looking.

*Scientific test conducted on 22 men.

Clinical results

Immediate matte finish: 95%*

Signs of fatigue (under eyes puffiness and dark circles) decreased: 96%*
Smooths lines: 100%*
Re-energized skin and improved skin conditions: 100%*

*Satisfaction test on 22 men. Twice-daily application for 28 days. 

Active ingredients

EPS AMM, Absolute Marine Matifier: Limits the secretion of sebum to create a long-lasting global mattifying effect.
Marine Oxhylium: Boosts cellular vibrancy with its high mineral and oligo-element content.
Marine Criste Oil: Accelerates cell renewal and smooths the micro-texture of the skin.
Delesseria Sanguinea: Stimulates micro-circulation to reduce signs of fatigue.