Men's Youth

Men's Youth

Wrinkle Correction Firming Treatment

This treatment offers true resurfacing to fill wrinkles and restructrue the face. The skin is visibly smoother and firmer.

Clinical results


Wrinkle Correction
Wrinkle depth is reduced by up to 66%*
Wrinkles are reduced for 84% of volunteers**

Firming of the face
The skin is up to 5 times firmer*
The skin is firmer for 96% of volunteers**

Improvement of the skin’s appearance
The skin is up to 63% smoother*
The complexion is more luminous for 92% of volunteers**

* Effectiveness test carried out one hour after the treatment on 24 volunteers who received the treatment
Average reduction of wrinkle depth: 19%. Average reduction of skin roughness: 19%. Average increase of skin firmness: 19%.
** Satisfaction test carried out on 24 women who received the treatment

Key Treatment Steps

60 minutes

Marine immersion
Resurfacing multi-exfoliant
Skin cleansing and detoxifying
Smoothing and repulping facial massage
Objective: filled wrinkles and firmer skin through the combination of serum and mask
Application of Age Optimal or Facial Controm and adpated eye cont

Signature Professional Products

A ultra-filling texture, warmed in the palms and then applied in a massage on face, neck and neckline to precisely act on wrinkles while ensuring optimum nutrition of the skin.

A precision concentrate to instantly fill fine lines and wrinkles (frown lines, forehead lines, smile lines, crow’s-feet)

A fresh gel highly concentrated with tensing ingredients that infuses the skin with its immediate lifting power.

A unique combination of Argiles, Marine polymers and Calcium of natural origin combined with Marine criste oil to obtain a mini "natural facelift" with a visible radiance boost.

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