Shaka Shaka

Shaka Shaka

Ultra-Smoothing Contouring Lotion

Shake, Massage, Ultra-Smooth

PHYTOMER has created the 1st Shaka Shaka contouring product: A three-phase water-oil-powder lotion you shake before applying to instantly smooth cellulite and tackle visible fat. Like magic, SHAKA SHAKA Ultra-Smoothing Contouring Lotion evens out the appearance of orange peel skin upon application. Day after day, it corrects visible cellulite and refines the waist and thighs.

Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for people sensitive to iodine.

Clinical results

From the 1st application:
Smoother orange-peel skin: for 7 out of 10 women*


In 28 days:
Dimpling: -10%**
Reduction in the thickness of fatty tissue: - 9%***

* Satisfaction test on 23 women. Twice-daily application for 28 days.
** Evaluation by visual scoring on 23 women under dermatological supervision. Twice-daily application for 28 days.
*** Measurement of the thickness of the hypodermis using ultrasound on the three sides of the thigh on 23 women. Twice-daily application for 28 days. Average value obtained on 8 out of 23 women. Overall result: -7%.

Scientific innovations


Derived from volcanic sediments deposited on the ocean floor millions of years ago, this “smart” clay was discovered by Phytomer scientists. Its unique helical structure allows it to unfold like a fan on the skin’s surface to instantly blur orange peel skin. 

Active ingredients

LAYERED CLAY: Instantly smoothes and blurs orange peel skin.
ADIPO 3: Tracks adipocytes in all their forms to boost lipolysis and reduce fat storage while strengthening skin tissue*. ADIPO 3 is grafted to the various sheets of LAYERED CLAY to simultaneously smooth cellulite dimpling and diminish excess fat.
Halopteris Scoparia: Stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers* and firms the skin.
Palmaria Palmata: Promotes skin microcirculation* for a draining effect.
Laminaria extract (brown algae): Stimulates lipolysis and encourages fat burning*.

*In vitro tests on the ingredient.