Made in France

For 3 generations, PHYTOMER has been creating in-house unprecedented marine active ingredients, and has been manufacturing high-quality products distributed throughout the world. PHYTOMER has remained an independent family business now directed by the founder's son.

Firmly anchored in the heart of the marine world in Brittany, PHYTOMER counts nearly 200 employees at both its head office in Saint Malo and its research and production site in the world-famous bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

Management of the environmental impact

Throughout the various production stages, PHYTOMER strives to apply techniques with limited impact on the environment, in order to preserve the diverse and fragile marine ecosystems.

Green Energy Seaweed Culture Environmentally-engaged Extraction Process Filtering Gardens

Quality and Results

Thanks to the marine active ingredients developed in house, its unique formulas and an integrated production site, PHYTOMER has perfectly mastered the full manufacturing chain in all autonomy, from the raw material to the finished product.

Strict control is maintained at each step to ensure perfect quality and full traceability of the products. As such since 2012, PHYTOMER is one of the first cosmetic companies to be rewarded with the ISO22716 certification for its good manufacturing processes.

The efficacy of the PHYTOMER products and treatments is systematically scientifically proven by independant laboratories.

The brand's presence in more than 10 000 points of sale around the world is a testimony to the quality of the products.

Promoting marine biodiversity

The sea contains the greatest source of available natural ingredients and presents a large range of cosmetic opportunities. PHYTOMER has developed a high-tech approach to skincare capable of delivering strong esthetic benefits, while preserving the sea's incredible richness.

The cutting-edge use of marine biotechnology reduces considerably the use of synthetic products and limits the picking from the natural environment.

It is the micro-organisms themselves, grown in our laboratory that produce skincare active ingredients without the use of chemical solvants and without taking valuable resources from the sea.