Oligomer® Pure

Oligomer® Pure

Invigorating Balneo Treatment

The art of modern thalassotherapy in a Jacuzzi filled with marine ingredients, followed by a complete massage to remineralize the body. Immersed in a tub rich in marine ingredients, you can lie back and let them go to work on remineralizing your body. The hydro-massage jets will ensure even more effective results. A complete body massage gently concludes this enjoyable aquatic experience.

Results: Your body appears more revived.

Key Treatment Steps

60 minutes

Marine immersion
Marine sponge exfoliation
Re-energizing bath
OLIGOMER® Well-Being massage

Signature Professional Products

Made of 100% lyophilised water - according to a secret recipe making it a world exclusivity - this powder provides an ideal supply in minerals and trace-elements. OLIGOMER® PURE is much more than a simple bath; It reduces fatigue and improves well-being. It is scientifically proven.