Skin Resilience Rich Cream

Firming and rich cream

This cream with a rich and firming texture reduces the signs of skin aging: loss of comfort, elasticity and density.
The skin immediately seems more supple and comfortable. Day after day, this skin resilience rich cream improves support and tone, making skin visibly firmer and more elastic.

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Clinical results

Synthesis of collagen 1: + 46 %*

Skin is plumped up: 88 %**
Skin is springier: 87 %**

Skin is immediately more comfortable: 92 %**

Skin is less dry: 96 %**

*In vitro test on human dermal fibroblasts. **Satisfaction test on 24 women. Twice-daily application for 28 days.

Scientific innovations


CORNEOGEL resubstances the stratum corneum with molecules of marine origin: seawater enriched with NMF boosting minerals, microalgae concentrated in NMF boosting amino acids, lactic acid and lipids which are essential constituents of the inter-cellular cement. Immediately, roughness on average reduces, wrinkles are filled on the outside*.

*Analysis of the cutaneous micro-roughness of skin explants, before and immediately after treatment.

Active ingredients

MARINE CORNEOGEL: Restores substance to the stratum corneum to fill surface wrinkles.
Brown Algae Concentrate: Restores substance to the skin tissues to densify the skin in-depth with fibers and hyaluronic acid.